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Religion and Justice

24 Jul

Another post about the Zimmerman case. Joy -__-

But anyway, in the wake of the not guilty verdict, I witnessed an incredible amount of people react instantly with something along the lines of “Zimmerman may be free now, but GOD is the judge and the jury,” and that made me extremely uncomfortable. Especially the fact that I witnessed a lot of Black people saying things like that, and Black people are treated the worst by the criminal justice system in the USA. I’m guessing their point was that even though Zimmerman is free, he will eventually be punished for killing Trayvon Martin in the afterlife.

I think one reason why this made me so uncomfortable is because it seems as though these people are somehow okay with Zimmerman escaping Earthly justice, because they just know¬†that he has another thing coming (see: karma). I’m not okay with that. I’m not okay with child killers being able to walk freely just because I believe that God will punish him. I want earthly justice. And I feel like the people responding to the verdict in that way are not in any way, pressed to go out and change the status quo, because they know that God’s got it. And I think that is what unsettles me the most. The idea that people are using God as a crutch and a reason to be unmotivated to change anything. I feel as though people are relying on faith and karma too much and are not going to work to change the way things are. It comes across to me as “Oh, it’s okay that this bad person did a bad thing and was not punished for it, because he will be eventually.” I want punishment NOW, and I want to be able to witness it.

Another thing that struck me about this case is the fact that George Zimmerman stated that it was in God’s plan for him to follow and kill Trayvon Martin, and when I bring this up I am met with outrage and instances of “That is not MY God.” But, how can you know? It seems that God has been on Zimmerman’s side this entire side, with him initially not being charged, and eventually being found not guilty. What reason do people have to believe that God really has a punishment for Zimmerman waiting for him when he dies? I am sure that both the Martin family and the Zimmerman family prayed for a favorable verdict, and it seems that God answered the Zimmerman family’s prayers, doesn’t it?

This was not an organized post, just something that’s been on my mind.