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30 Nov


30 Oct

I’m not sure where to start on uploading some of my photography, so I think I’ll begin with some of the photos I’ve put in my portfolio, and then I’ll update as I take more pictures.

The chapel on the campus of Duke University in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

While traveling to different college campuses in the summer of 2010, before my senior year, I visited Duke University in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and I took this photo.

The football team of my high school, King High School

This photo was taken of the King High School football team during a pre-game warmup in their 2010 season. This game was against the Freedom High School Patriots, and the Lions won.

These is a photo of my closest friends from high school, during winter break in 2011.

During my first winter break of college, December 2011, my high school class organized a picnic in the park as a get-together for our class. It was a nice reunion, since the last time we had all seen each other was graduation in May.

T'Keyah Gadson won the Miss Black & Gold Scholarship pageant in 2012.

The Eta Delta chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., holds a scholarship pageant every year, titled Miss Black & Gold. In 2012, a sophomore named T’Keyah Gadson was given the title after competing in swimwear, talent, evening wear, and question-and-answer segments.

One of UM's Bhangra teams competes in a talent show

The Tau Rho chapter of Delta Sigma Theta’s People’s Choice Awards talent show featured a multitude of acts, including this Indian dance team. The Bhangra team performs at many shows, including talent shows and homecoming competitions.

UM's volleyball team competes against Virginia Tech

During the volleyball season of 2011, the University of Miami’s volleyball team competes against Virginia Tech in a home game at the Knight Sports Center at the University of Miami.

Like I said, this is only a sampling of my portfolio, so I look forward to hearing comments and critiques about my photography, and I will be uploading more pictures as I take them!!



29 Oct

Hi! I last posted on my blog about 5 months ago for my final design project in my class, but I am reviving my blog! I’m in a club at UM called Bloggers Ink, where a group of bloggers get together and basically talk about blogging and how to make your blogs the best they can be. When thinking about what type of blog I want to have, I decided on photography because that is something that I enjoy doing and it is something that I want other people to view and critique. I’ll also be adding random updates about my life, or anything I want to say. Enjoy!

Final Design Project

7 May

For my last project, I had to design an app. I chose to design an app for myUM, the online portal that UM students use to access information such as grades, class schedules, financial aid, and other stuff. I decided on myUM because there isn’t a single day that went by this school year that I didn’t think “Gosh, I wish myUM had a mobile app,” because I use the website often, and it’s irritating to have to view the web page on my phone. There is already a Blackboard app, and a general University of Miami app, so I’m surprised a myUM app hasn’t yet been developed. Here is my design!


The icon is simple, just myUM. Here is how it would appear on an iPhone:

Next is the homepage:

There are tabs at the top to navigate between the different sections of myUM, and this is the screen one sees when he or she first ‘clicks’ on the myUM icon. When one of the drop down menus is pressed, more information will appear, as such:

Normally, on the myUM website, the schedule for fall and spring semesters would be showing right now, but since this is a mobile app, it does not include everything from the website. Another example of a screen is shown below:

This screenshot is from the ‘Life at UM’ tab, under the dining services menu. On the normal myUM website, there are several options located under Dining Services, but like I stated before, this is a mobile app, and as such, it does not include all the capabilities of the website. Lastly, I wanted to include a menu that I think would be extremely useful for a student on the go, the ability to search for classes from his or her telephone:

Searching for classes is one of the things I use myUM most often for, and I think it would be great to be able to access this from a platform made specifically for phones, unlike the website. On this screen, each of the options has a drop down menu, and the first option is selected from each. A clear and simple user interface to make for effective searching.

I used Adobe Photoshop for everything; the orange and green colors came from the UM style guide located here; the fonts used were not from the style guide because it did not provide information about myUM, so I tried to match as best I could with Corbel, Georgia, and Lucida Handwriting. The iPhone image came from here; the buttons used on the search for classes page came from here.


25 Apr

For my penultimate design project, I was given an article about the controversial legislation piece No Child Left Behind, and I made an infographic about it. My infographic highlights the achievement gap between white and black American students on standardized tests. I chose this topic because it is interesting and relevant to me as I am a black American student who was a product of the public school system and standardized testing, as well as No Child Left Behind.

I used Adobe Illustrator for this project, and I got my icons from here. The sources for my statistics are cited in the infographic. The fonts I used were Helvetica Neue, Belta Regular and Light, and pastelRegular, and they are available for download here.

Photo Layout!

9 Apr

My next project for my multimedia design class is a photography layout. I took all of the pictures and provided all of the copy for this layout. The theme of the layout is historically black sororities and fraternities on the University of Miami campus. The fonts I used are Caviar Dreams and Helvetica.


Website Design!

21 Mar

For my next project, I designed a website for one of the clubs at UM. I chose Kids and Culture, a club I am a part of that tutors and mentors students from elementary to high school to show them that college is attainable.

Because this is a club that focuses on kids, I utilized blue and pink for my main colors, with white for the text.

On the homepage, there is a description of the club at the top of the page, with links to 4 different pages underneath: tutoring, mentoring, club meetings, and executive board. The picture shown in this screen shot is one of many in a slideshow that runs by itself. Beneath the picture is a caption. The upcoming events are edited every so often to reflect accuracy.

This screen shot shows what occurs when someone interacts with the page. As you can see, the picture in the slideshow has changed. When the mouse hovers over one of the links at the top, it changes to purple.

This screenshot shows the tutoring page. Once you click on tutoring, the text stays purple to show that you are on that page. A few paragraphs to explain what tutoring is and when/where it occurs are available. The contact email is also in purple to show that it is a hyperlink. The next few screenshots show the mentoring and club meeting pages, which aren’t much different from the tutoring page, to keep consistency.


The fonts used in this project were Georgia, handrelief, Girl Characters, and Boy Characters.

The images for this project came from here and here.