Final Design Project

7 May

For my last project, I had to design an app. I chose to design an app for myUM, the online portal that UM students use to access information such as grades, class schedules, financial aid, and other stuff. I decided on myUM because there isn’t a single day that went by this school year that I didn’t think “Gosh, I wish myUM had a mobile app,” because I use the website often, and it’s irritating to have to view the web page on my phone. There is already a Blackboard app, and a general University of Miami app, so I’m surprised a myUM app hasn’t yet been developed. Here is my design!


The icon is simple, just myUM. Here is how it would appear on an iPhone:

Next is the homepage:

There are tabs at the top to navigate between the different sections of myUM, and this is the screen one sees when he or she first ‘clicks’ on the myUM icon. When one of the drop down menus is pressed, more information will appear, as such:

Normally, on the myUM website, the schedule for fall and spring semesters would be showing right now, but since this is a mobile app, it does not include everything from the website. Another example of a screen is shown below:

This screenshot is from the ‘Life at UM’ tab, under the dining services menu. On the normal myUM website, there are several options located under Dining Services, but like I stated before, this is a mobile app, and as such, it does not include all the capabilities of the website. Lastly, I wanted to include a menu that I think would be extremely useful for a student on the go, the ability to search for classes from his or her telephone:

Searching for classes is one of the things I use myUM most often for, and I think it would be great to be able to access this from a platform made specifically for phones, unlike the website. On this screen, each of the options has a drop down menu, and the first option is selected from each. A clear and simple user interface to make for effective searching.

I used Adobe Photoshop for everything; the orange and green colors came from the UM style guide located here; the fonts used were not from the style guide because it did not provide information about myUM, so I tried to match as best I could with Corbel, Georgia, and Lucida Handwriting. The iPhone image came from here; the buttons used on the search for classes page came from here.

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