Website Design!

21 Mar

For my next project, I designed a website for one of the clubs at UM. I chose Kids and Culture, a club I am a part of that tutors and mentors students from elementary to high school to show them that college is attainable.

Because this is a club that focuses on kids, I utilized blue and pink for my main colors, with white for the text.

On the homepage, there is a description of the club at the top of the page, with links to 4 different pages underneath: tutoring, mentoring, club meetings, and executive board. The picture shown in this screen shot is one of many in a slideshow that runs by itself. Beneath the picture is a caption. The upcoming events are edited every so often to reflect accuracy.

This screen shot shows what occurs when someone interacts with the page. As you can see, the picture in the slideshow has changed. When the mouse hovers over one of the links at the top, it changes to purple.

This screenshot shows the tutoring page. Once you click on tutoring, the text stays purple to show that you are on that page. A few paragraphs to explain what tutoring is and when/where it occurs are available. The contact email is also in purple to show that it is a hyperlink. The next few screenshots show the mentoring and club meeting pages, which aren’t much different from the tutoring page, to keep consistency.


The fonts used in this project were Georgia, handrelief, Girl Characters, and Boy Characters.

The images for this project came from here and here.

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